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Food & Wines in Greece

Greek cuisine is famous for its impressively healthy products and the amazing taste of its food and wines. The Greeks love eating out, sharing food with friends and enjoying the tasty ingredients their land and sea provide. The combination of traditional cooking and foreign influences has produced a vast range of restaurant types but it is not uncommon to find some of the best food in the most unexpected, off-the-beaten-track places. Starting off with some kind of appetizers, Tzatziki is the best compliment to grilled meats and vegetables as well as Melitzanosalata which is a delicious eggplant dip made of roasted eggplants mixed in with garlic, fresh parsley, lemon juice and olive oil. Both of these are served with warm pita bread triangles or crusty bread.


The Greeks cook eggplants in many ways: they are the main ingredient in Mousaka, a traditional greek dish made of ground lamb and eggplants layered with a tomato meat sauce and topped with Bechamel sauce. Pastitsio is a delicious variation on the lasagna that is often served as the primo piatto (first course) during a family Sunday lunch. It combines thick sheets of pasta, thick macaroni, tomato sauce seasoned with salt, pepper, sugar, grated cheese, sliced hard-boiled eggs, ham, salami, and meat topped with grated cheese, pepper, and breadcrumbs.


Last but not least, greek yogurt is an addition to every meal: served with stewed and fried vegetables, meatballs, and grilled meats. It is used as a sauce, baked over chicken and certain beef dishes until it sets like béchamel. It is also enjoyed as dessert: it can be tasted plain or in lieu of cream in desserts like roasted caramelized quince, or as a pudding with honey and walnuts, matched with honey or spoon sweets, yogurt is divine.


Since ancient Greek times Corfu has been famous for its wines and today it still continues to produce excellent wine varieties. Kakotrighi: it is called so because of the hard stalk of the bunches that makes them difficult to press. It produces white wine, with a subtle and lasting fragrance. It is produced all over the island without needing to be cut. Skopelitico: one of the best red wine variety, it is rich in fruit flavors and form the basic component of the Mediterranean diet.

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