Our local staff knows the characteristics of each villa. They can help you answering any questions you may have and providing the requested information.
You can contact us at any time by sending an email to [email protected] or by calling the following numbers: +39 0924 31228 (ITA) and +1 718 734 64 42 (USA).
For each villa you can see the maximum number of guests on the page of description of the property.
N.B. The number of guests includes infants and children with no more than three years of age.
You can check the availability of the villa in a special calendar on the page dedicated to it.
The online calendar is constantly updated and allows you to display the dates when the villa is available or already booked.
You can also see rates and prices in the description box of the villa.
For further confirmation, you can send an email to in[email protected] or call the numbers +39 0924 31228 (ITA) – +1 718 734 64 42 (USA).
You can complete the payment for your reservation by bank transfer and/or credit card, with the secure payment system Paypal.
In case of bank transfer, the property name and booking period must be clearly specified.
Bookings are usually from Saturday to Saturday. 
In some cases, we can make some exceptions if required.
Some villas have been designed and equipped to accommodate guests with disabilities.
You can see the features of each villa and verify if it has special services for the disabled on the page dedicated to the villa.
The villa is the starting point for a whole range of services that we are glad to offer and arrange for you, as wine tasting at the villa, restaurant service with a chef, cooking classes of traditional recipes, transport services, from the bicycle to the car up to the helicopter for an aerial tour of the area.
For further information about our services please contact our staff at [email protected] or call +39 0924 31228 (ITA) – +1 718 734 64 42 (USA).
In some properties electricity is included in the weekly rental price. In other villas is included the consumption of 150 KW of electricity per week. The additional consumption will be paid on the spot.
We recommend a responsible and ecologically sustainable use of energy resources, avoiding inappropriate use of air-conditioning or heating that should be turned off when you leave the property.
Yes, gas consumption for cooking is included and heating costs are charged separately.
Yes, water consumption is included in the rental price.
Yes, cleaning is included in the rental price.
Yes, the villa is equipped with bed linen and towels with weekly change.
Bed linen and towels are changed weekly.
Yes, villas are equipped with a washing machine.
Yes, all villas are equipped with iron, ironing board and major appliances.
Yes, villas are equipped with wi-fi connection to have Internet access.
For more information about it, you can read the specific page dedicated to the villa on the website.
Yes, the extra cleaning has an additional cost and it is an extra service on request.
Yes, on request it is possible to have a catering service at the villa.
You can order this service by sending an e-mail to [email protected] or calling the telephone numbers + 39 0924 31228 (ITA) – +1 718 734 64 42 (USA).
Yes, you can look over the menu ahead of time and then choose.
Yes, on request you can take advantage of a catering service, and then organize parties or events.
For further information please contact us by email at [email protected] or calling at +39 0924 31228 (ITA)  – +1 718 734 64 42 (USA).
Yes, it is possible to have a car driver service at your disposal. To use this service you must inform us in advance by e-mail [email protected] or calling the telephone numbers +39 0924 31228 (ITA) – +1 718 734 64 42 (USA).
Yes, on request we can arrange for you guided tours by specialized tour operators.
Experiences range from guided tours to archaeological or cultural sites, to motorcycle rides out of town to discover the natural beauty of the place.
For further information please contact us at [email protected] or calling +39 0924 31228 (ITA) – +1 718 734 64 42 (USA).
Before your departure, you will receive all the information you need to reach the villa. Once arrived at the meeting point, you will find one of our collaborators that will introduce you to the villa, explaining its main characteristics.
You may check-in from 2 pm. If there are any changes to the arrival time, please contact the villa staff.
In case of delay or other emergencies, please contact our staff and we will take care of your transfer.
After the booking confirmation, we provide the mobile contact in the folder with coordinates and details about the villa
You must check out at 10 am. If no other guests are arriving on your day of departure, you can get a few extra hours to check out.
Each villa is provided with a welcome pack for guests.
However it cannot be considered a real meal. In this case, if we are previously informed, we will be happy to arrange a welcome meal in the villa that will have an additional cost.
It depends on the size of the villa. Usually you will get a single access key.
We can supply other keys on request.
You can contact the villa owners for any question or request. They are supported by our local staff, available 24/7, in order to resolve any problem you may occurr during your stay.
For emergency you can contact our staff by sending an email at [email protected] or calling +39 0924 31228 (ITA) or +1 718 734 64 42 (USA).
Unfortunately american DVDs are not readable by italian DVD players.
Nevertheless, villas are equipped with satellite reception to watch movies even when you’re on vacation.
No, you’re not allowed to smoke in the villa.
No, villas usually do not accept pets but you can request this option sending an e-mail to [email protected] or calling the following numbers +39 0924 31228 (ITA) or +1 718 734 64 42 (USA).
Before arrival and on departure.